Magic Harvest


Many suburbs are build on former farmland. In the suburbs of Adelaide, locals arm themselves with garden forks and kitchen knives to put that land to good use, pioneering a backyard revolution one square metre at a time. It's an idea as simple as it is radical as it is inspirational...

Inspired by Lolo Houbein's One Magic Square concept and under the guidance of grower Tori Moreton, in this inspiring film residents of Adelaide's southern suburbs create a food plot in one square metre of their own gardens, harvesting it through the seasons and sharing the bounty in their community.

Starring Lolo Houbein, Tori Moreton and the residents of Huntfield Heights and Aberfoyle Park.

Directed by Jeni Lee
Produced by Julia De Roeper
Camera by Sieh Mchawala
Edited by David Ngo
Sound Edit/Mix by Russell Alexander
Featuring Music by Golonka,
Caliente Guitar Trio and Sia Furler

Official Selection: Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival 2011Nominated: Best Documentary SASA Awards 2011Official Selection: Environmental Film Festival Melbourne 2011


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