• Barefoot in Ethiopia
  • Big Stories, Small Towns
  • Magic Harvest
  • Casualties of War
  • It's no Circus in Cambodia
  • But We Are Strong
  • Young Mums
Barefoot in Ethiopia
Directed by Sieh Mchawala
Produced by Jeni Lee
2006/2010 | Duration 56 minutes
For anyone who has ever wanted to save the world or is amused to watch someone else try. A gutsy young brother/sister team hits the desert in Ethiopia every Christmas to have a crack at aid work- Four years of filming shows just how complicated this can be...
Big Stories, Small Towns
Directed by Jeni Lee and Sieh Mchawala
Produced by Anna Grieve, Martin Potter and Nick Crowther
2008/2010 | 77 films produced by film makers in residence. Over 5 hours of content. 54 films produced by community. Over 4 hours of community generated content
From the Longriders Motorcycle Club in Murray Bridge, the men's shed in Port Augusta to the Tampuon people of Banlung on the edge of the Jungle in northern Cambodia, Big Stories connects local stories to build a diverse and inspiring global portrait of country life.
Magic Harvest
Directed by Jeni Lee
Produced by Julia De Roeper
2010 | Duration 26 minutes
Many suburbs are built on former farmland. In the suburbs of Adelaide, locals arm themselves with garden forks and kitchen knives to put that land to good use, pioneering a backyard revolution one square metre at a time. It's an idea as simple as it is radical as it is inspirational...
Casualties of War
Directed by Jeni Lee
Produced by Sarah Wishart and Rebecca Summerton
2008 | Duration 26 minutes
Leigh served with the Australian Army in East Timor as a special forces solider in a reconnaissance platoon. Casualties of War explores Leigh's view that the hardest part of going to war is coming home.
It's no circus in Cambodia
Directed by Jeni Lee
Produced by Rebecca Summerton and Jeni Lee
2007/2008 | Duration 45 minutes
'Australia's Dodgiest Circus' attempts to drive from Singapore to Ireland in a 30 year old double decker bus - what could possibly go wrong?
But We Are Strong
Produced and directed by Jeni Lee and Sarah Wishart
2006 | Duration 5 x 6 minutes
'But We Are Strong' tells the untold stories of five young women who have survived Sierra Leone's Civil War. This documentary series highlights these young women's strength and their resilience to the horror and atrocities that took place in their home.
Young Mums
Produced and directed by Jeni Lee and Sarah Wishart
2005 | Duration 4 x 4 minutes
'Four young mums from Adelaide, Australia, share their experiences - animated and online...